William Powell

1823 – 1902


I am a collector of firearms made by the Birmingham, England firm of William Powell & Son – a family-run business from 1802 to 2008. I am in the process of writing a book about their history with an emphasis on their most important patent - UK number 1163 of 1864. Powell records refer to it as "Our No. 1 Patent Action." Collectors know it as the "lift-up lever" or just the "lifter." Rifles and shotguns were built on this design well into the 20th Century.


 I have authored, or co-authored, more than fifty articles for sporting journals in the United States and Russia. I have recently co-authored Hemingway’s Guns, Rigby-A Grand Tradition, The Gun Book for Boys and The Gun Book for Parents with Silvio Calabi and Roger Sanger. 




I am hoping to locate company catalogs, correspondence and other relevant paperwork and photographs.


I would like to correspond with owners of Powell firearms regarding a number of technical questions. In 2011, I spent ten days at Powell, which is now located in Banbury, England copying information from their ledgers. Of particular interest to me are –


If you’re willing to assist, please contact me at – 916-933-3538 or Steve@powellspatent.com


Thank you,

Steve Helsley